Why is flourishing overwhelming in the beginning

Flourishing is this great process that allows us to ornament our script, by enriching a letter’s basic shape. Also, it is very tempting, from the very beginning. Flourishing is a process that comes with time and you need to achieve the basic before embellishing letters.

In the beginning flourishing can be really overwhelming. Why? Maybe because we try it too early and the hand is not steady enough. It can be because we know nothing yet about some principles we have to follow.

I remember in my first year as I was trying to reproduce a flourish from feeds on Instagram. Oh! Only hideous shapes were coming out. :) I abandoned the try, realizing it was not the time for me to flourish.

After few years, as I saw my script was improving, I thought I should get a step further. I purchased some old calligraphy books about flourishing letters and started reading and learning. I searched for information about this wherever I could, I took some flourishing courses and finally figured out what this is all about.


Flourishing is about rules and a steady hand

Having a set of rules, it all became very clear and simple in theory. It was time to practice following the theory. And indeed flourished letters looked gorgeous and harmonious. I shared as much as I could during my courses the set of principles I discovered. But still, I realized it was not enough. For a beginner, there are so many datas. So I thought to bring together all I’ve learned in a guide – a Flourish Guide to help beginners and intermediates understand the process.

But still that was not enough. I knew how helpful traceable shapes are and since only few calligraphers in the world offer this kind of learning support for flourishing, I thought I should work for all thrilled to learn.

About our Flourish Workbook

I spent 4 month categorizing types of flourishes, ways to place these embellishments and vectoring over 180 models of flourishing letters, so that anybody can follow…traceable shapes to develop muscle memory on right forms.

Because we need to achieve a great control of our hand on larger shapes, the workbook starts with a set of drills in pencil. This guide has 85 pages of 130 gsm smooth paper with grids, instructions, exercises, flourishes for lowercase letters, for uppercase letters and for numbers. All with traceable support, which is super useful.




 Flourish Workbook – both Physical & Digital

For all those looking to start right away and not willing to wait a few days for delivery, I have the solution : The Digital Flourishing Worksheets !  Their content is identical to the physical workbook, just that you have to print them out and start practicing! So the Digital Flourishing Workbook is just a click away from you!







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