FAQ Weddings

What is customizable for the semi-custom collection items?2021-03-11T16:00:00+03:00
  • Fonts
  • Print Color
  • Paper Type
  • Paper Color
  • Envelope Type
  • Envelope Color
  • Envelope Liner
  • Embellishments ( Wax Seals, Ribbons, Twines, Vellum, Wraps)
  • Add-Ons (Calligraphy )
Is there a minimal quantity for wedding that I should order?2021-03-11T16:00:00+03:00

Due to setup costs and because wedding paper is a labour of love, our minimum order requirement is 25 pieces/item.

When should I order the wedding stationery?2021-03-11T15:59:59+03:00

Considering that mailing the invitations is a process that should be done 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding, we recommend ordering your stationery 12 to 14 weeks prior to the event. Please consider sending out your Save the Dates 6 month ahead of your wedding. If it is a Destination Wedding, 8 months prior to the event date is recommendable, for your guests to arrange accommodation, traveling documents and other arrangements. If you choose for a custom design, please consider ordering your stationery 6 to 12 months prior to the event date.

How many invitations should I order?2021-03-11T15:59:59+03:00

Always keep in mind the households and addresses for your invitations. It is wise to order an additional 10-20% more items for recollection and last-minute guests. We strongly recommend this because this way it is far more inexpensive to order few more sets, than purchasing a few more later on, due to set-up fees.

Can you rush my order?2021-03-11T15:59:59+03:00

Yes, we can. You let us know which is the due date and we will let you know if it is possible, considering our schedule.

If we can do this, we will charge you with a rush fee, depending on how close the new term is.  Rush fee may vary from 25% to 50% from the order value depending on the deadline. After your approval and payment, we proceed with rushing orders.

We want invitations in more languages. Is that possible?2021-03-11T15:59:59+03:00

Yes, it is. This involves as many digital proofs as many different languages you need. For each a small additional fee will be charged. Clients need to send us the texts they need to be printed.

Do you offer digital invitations?2021-03-11T15:59:59+03:00

No, we don’t, as we have chosen to make timeless and lovely paper goods, that can be kept and cherished along the years. So we only offer physical products when it comes to event stationery.

What is the turnaround time?2021-03-11T15:59:59+03:00

After placing your order, receiving your texts and agreeing all the details needed, a 3 to 5 business days are required for us to send the digital proof. Once edits are made and the final approval is given it takes 10 to 20 Business days for completing your order and shipping the goods.

I need to order more invitations then I initially estimated. Is that possible?2021-03-11T15:59:59+03:00

The answer is yes. Please keep in mind that additional orders incur additional setup costs and shipping costs as well – if your first order was already printed or shipped.  After sending the project to print, the client agrees an additional payment will be charged for shipping, printing and set-up fees.

Can you ship invitations anywhere in the world?2021-03-11T15:59:58+03:00

Yes, we ship worldwide through DHL.

Who owns the design once produced?2021-05-06T07:00:30+03:00

Amalia Calligraphy retains the rights of the designs created. We retain the right to post your wedding invitations or stationery elements on social media, website and other platforms and means of showing. If you would not like to post your invitation and wedding paper, please let us know beforehand. If you would like to own the design we created for your, please require a quote.

How does shipping work?2021-03-11T15:59:58+03:00

We ship worldwide through DHL. All your goods are packed and ready for shipping once the assembly is done. Depending on the location the parcel has to arrive to, it usually takes 3 to 10 business days for delivery. The shipping fee is charged to the client in the second invoice, together with the rest of 70% amount due. If at the moment of the second invoice the shipping address is not yet agreed, we can send the invoice for shipping prior to shipping. After the payment has been made, we will ship the parcel. We pack everything carefully for a safe transport. The client will inform the artist if they want to purchase shipping insurance. By default, this is not included. Amalia Calligraphy is not responsible for damaged, lost or delayed shipments. Customs/duties/taxes may be charged to customers at the discretion of the border officials, and this is beyond Amalia Calligraphy control.

Which is the cancelation policy?2021-03-11T15:59:58+03:00

We do understand that there are cases when you must cancel your order. Cancellation fees are due based on the amount of work completed. The client agrees to accept Artist’s good faith estimation of how much work has been completed. The second invoice amount, that complies 70% of the whole amount due is refundable when your order is not yet processed, before the moment we require the content. Once Amalia Calligraphy sent the content form 10% of the second invoice is not refundable. Once the artist received the content and has begun the design process 30% of the second invoice is nonrefundable, whether or not the digital proof has been sent, whether or not there has been any revision rounds. Once the artwork has been approved and the items were sent to print, 100% of the second invoice is nonrefundable.

The invitations have arrived, but they are different than what I have expected. Can I return them?2021-03-11T15:59:58+03:00

We work closely with our clients to get to them completely satisfied with the proof. We send the digital proof, we can also provide pictures of the first set simulation of your suite, so you can get a real impression of how the items are going to look like. We try our very best to make it as accurate as possible on our proofs, but please also consider the possibility of slight color differences from the digital layout to the physical / printed product. All screens are calibrated differently. We do our best to make sure our colors match the printed result / physical product, but we can’t see what you see on the screen. If in doubt we are able to ship you a physical proof prior to printing the whole job. This requires an additional fee – the price of the item ordered – plus shipping costs. If deciding to do so, please consider the delay this operation generates. Additionally, after assembly we thoroughly inspect all items before shipment. Therefore, we do not accept returns on any wedding items after the customer has given the final approval, EXCEPT if there is a printing mistake or damage to the product prior to shipment due to Amalia Calligraphy error. If so, contact us in 10 days and we will take care of this issue and reprint your items in 5 business days, with no additional fees. We do not expect you to return the misprinted paper goods. Returns are also not applicable for color differences between the proof and the print.

I received the envelopes with an incorrect handwritten addresses. What should I do?2021-03-11T15:59:58+03:00

If it is Amalia Calligraphy’s mistake, we will re-write them and ship for free depending on our availability. If we are for any reason unable to do so, we will refund the charge for envelope addressing for the number those that were misspelt. But if it is the client’s fault, the regular envelope calligraphy fee will be charged, plus the shipping.

Can you also provide other wedding stationery items?2021-03-11T15:59:57+03:00

Yes, we can gladly do so! We even recommend you not to forget to budget the day of items! Being them menus, table numbers, place cards, escort cards, table arrangements – all following the same design as the rest of the stationery. Even if not every presentation picture of the models in our semi-custom collection contain these elements, we can design them together for no additional fee.

When should I order Day-Of Stationery?2021-03-11T15:59:57+03:00

Depending on where you are located, ideally we would have all the details to be prepared (designed & printed or written out) from you around 1-2 months before to your wedding date. Consider to a term of 3 to 10 business days for delivery.

How can I use calligraphy for my wedding stationery?2021-03-11T15:59:57+03:00

We highly recommend you use calligraphy for envelope addressing, place cards, table numbers, escort cards, wedding signs and vows.  Calligraphy looks very fancy for wedding stationery and ads a personal note to your items. It’s a charming, yet time consuming process, therefore we suggest our clients to use prints for most of the paper goods and leave calligraphy as the cherry on top.

Is it possible to get completely customized wedding stationery?2021-05-06T07:06:46+03:00

Of course! We can design for your wedding any stationery items considering your aesthetics and the theme of the event. Take a look at the Process and let’s get started!

FAQ Online Courses

I’m a beginner. Can I take this course?2021-03-11T16:02:58+03:00

Absolutely! This course is suitable for absolute beginners, with no prior experience, as it walks you step by step through all you need to know. The course is also valuable for experienced students looking for improving their letters.  We have happily supported experienced modern calligraphers to learn Copperplate and add this style to their portfolio.

I have a terrible handwriting. Am I going to be able to do calligraphy?2021-03-11T16:06:42+03:00

Definitely! I had lots of students that called their handwriting as “horrible”, but did a great job in calligraphy and developed a stunning style. Using different tools to write, calligraphy seems much like drawing the letters. The rhythm of writing in calligraphy is slow, you will use special grids and a few rules and techniques will help you create and form harmonious letters and script.

How long does this course lasts?2021-03-11T16:09:07+03:00

This course opens few times per year and can be fulfilled at your pace, as your schedule allows. Once you purchased this online course, you have lifetime access to it, so it’s up to you to decide when to follow the classes, when to pause or go through the course again whenever you need. Nevertheless, if you desire to learn alongside other students, I will provide a recommended schedule for you to follow. Since the official opening of the course, I will be providing you 3 months of support. You can post your work in our private community and ask questions. Once a month we will host a live session to interact and clarify things out.

Will there be support offered?2021-03-11T16:11:23+03:00

Once the course is officially opened, you will have a 3 months’ time support from Amalia. Inside our private community you can post your work and questions. Every once a week Amalia will deal with your questions and provide answers and solutions. Once a month a live session will be on for the community to gather online and sort things out, raise questions and watch Amalia demonstrate as she answers your queries. It’ s a good opportunity for getting clarifications, tips and tricks for the things you struggle with or can’t manage to achieve yet.

Will individual feedback be included?2021-03-11T16:10:46+03:00

To keep reasonable costs for this course, individual feedback is not included in the course. Nevertheless, for students striving for individual feedback, we can provide individual feedback to a limited number of attendees, as an extra service you can purchase alongside this course. 3 live sessions of one hour each are provided for an extra fee. After adding your course to chart you can choose this option. Also VIP Private Online Sessions are available for an individual advice and feedback.

I don’t need any support, nor follow along the course with other fellow students? Can I purchase this online course and have instant access to all the videos?2021-03-11T16:11:26+03:00

If that is what you are looking for and are anxious to get started totally on your own, we are ok with that! Therefore, you can benefit of a smaller rate for this course. This means you are not going to be included in any private community of any course sessions, nor will you have access to the weekly feedback we provide our students throughout the 3 months of learning time we spend together. You are completely on your own, you learn at your pace and have no feedback from us. Nevertheless, if you change your mind, you can always upgrade to the regular version, that include the weekly general feedback on the community group that is closer to your request date, or you can purchase the individual 3 sessions feedback pack, or both, depending on what you think is best for you. Also VIP Private Online Sessions are available.

Are supplies included in this online course?2021-03-11T16:12:02+03:00

No, they are not, but we can definitely help you with that! We have prepared for you some awesome calligraphy kits for you to get started. Take a look here to pick your favorite.  We ship worldwide, so in a few days up to 10 days (depending of your location) you can have them on your desk!

I am a leftie. Can I take the course?2021-03-11T16:12:55+03:00

Absolutely! No matter which hand is comfortable for you to write, the techniques and rules are the same. For very slanted scripts like Copperplate lefties usually are in advantage, as their natural position of the pen points to the angle needed. So, all in your favor! You can use a straight pen holder or on oblique with a flange on the right side. Some lefties also prefer working with obliques with the flange on the left side, just like for the right handed persons, but it’s up to you to decide which works best for you.

How long will it take to learn calligraphy?2021-03-11T16:13:55+03:00

Well, it depends on the practice time you can afford. It can take from 10 days to 3 months, it may take less or more. But, if you implement a daily 10-20 minutes of exercise routine, you will see improvements in 1-2 months.

Does it matter where I am located in order to take this course?2021-03-11T16:14:24+03:00

Absolutely not! This is the reason why we created this online program, so that anyone, from any corner of the world can attend! So, it does not matter where you are located, as long as you have an Internet connection and the tools to work!

How is this course structured and which is the teaching method?2021-03-11T16:15:14+03:00

This is an online course, so pre-recorder videos are available for you to watch, pause, rewind and replay. The approach is strictly digital. Handouts and worksheets are available for you to download to start learning. This course has 4 teaching modules with over 25 individual HD videos that cover all points of interest: introduction, short history, supplies & materials, setting up, posture, basic strokes, all groups of lowercase letters, connecting, spacing and uppercase letters. More than that, you will have two bonus video for numbers and symbols and lowercase letters variations and traceable sheets for all! Bottom line, this is a combination of videos and worksheets system, together with homework and assessment support to help you progress in your calligraphy journey.

How long do I have access to this course?2021-03-11T16:15:49+03:00

For LIFETIME! So, once you purchase this course, it’s available for you for lifetime, as long as it exists, together with all updates.

Which is the language the videos use?2021-03-11T16:16:34+03:00

All our materials, videos, feedback and other interactions are in English.

Will there be worksheets included?2021-03-11T16:17:32+03:00

Yes, of course. You will be able to download them for your practice and personal use. We will also provide the scans from the videos, so you can see things demonstrated in the instructional videos.

FAQ Online Shop

How quick will an order be processed?2021-03-11T16:20:27+03:00

We do our best to process and prepare your order in 1-3 business days, unless otherwise stated on the website due to closure of the studio. Nevertheless, if it’s a busy period, we may inform you about possible delays. This is more likely to happen during Christmas holidays.

How does shipping work?2021-03-11T16:20:15+03:00

We ship all international orders via DHL and the parcel usually arrives within 3 to 10 business days from shipment, depending on the distance.  Shipping fees are applied at check out. Once the parcel is shipped, we are no longer responsible for it and we cannot refund for a purchase that is lost or damaged while in transit to the buyer. Please make sure to provide a correct and complete shipping address! 

The client will inform the artist if they want to purchase shipping insurance. By default, this is not included. Amalia Calligraphy is not responsible for damaged, lost or delayed shipments. Customs/duties/taxes may be charged to customers at the discretion of the border officials, and this is beyond Amalia Calligraphy control.

Refund/Return Policy2021-03-11T16:22:00+03:00

We can accept returns for a refund for unused and unopened orders in their initial state sent back within 15 days from delivery. Once we receive the returned item we will credit the order value back to you, except the shipping fees. Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value and no refund can be applicable.


We don’t accept cancelations, but if there is any problem with your order or if you desire to change something in your order, please write us an email. For weddings, please see the Weddings Q&A Area to see which are the situations and conditions for returns and refunds.

Can all products from your online shop be returned?2021-05-06T07:18:46+03:00

No, not all items can be returned. Digital products cannot be returned and a refund cannot be issued for them. Personalized items also cannot be subject of returns and refunds. For Weddings please see the Wedding Q&A Area to see which are the situations and conditions for returns and refunds.

Do you ship worldwide?2021-03-11T16:26:06+03:00

Yes, we ship all our products worldwide via DHL.

Can I receive individual feedback even if I didn’t attend an online course with Amalia Calligraphy?2021-03-11T16:27:11+03:00

Yes, you can and we will gladly do so! You can always opt for VIP Private Sessions of 1 or 2 hours to clarify aspects regarding calligraphy practice, tools and materials, tips & tricks and techniques.

What calligraphy supplies should I buy if I am an absolute beginner?2021-05-06T07:35:31+03:00

We are here to offer our support and share our experience in calligraphy. That is why we have developed products and we provide handpicked tools to fit both beginners and experienced calligraphers. We aim to help beginners get a smooth, pleasant and rewarding calligraphy journey, so we gathered best supplies and learning materials. If you are an absolute beginner we highly recommend taking the Learn Copperplate Online Course, which sets up all the basics for your calligraphy and helps you understand the geometry of letters, the fundamental principles and techniques so that you can easily evolve. We suggest you take the version that includes support and feedback. Alongside the course you will need the tools to get started and we highly recommend our customisable Calligraphy Kits, that contain it all – from Practice Pads, to nibs, ink, penholder, penholder rest and more. Of course if you desire individual feedback, you can purchase a VIP Online Session for you to clear out all aspects regarding calligraphy, tips & tricks, techniques and other practice issues.

I am not sure what to order? Can you advice?2021-03-11T16:32:12+03:00

Yes, we can and we will gladly do this if you send us an email at hello@amaliacalligraphy.com or message us on Instagram at @Amalia_Calligraphy or Facebook at @Amalia Calligraphy. We will do our best to give you a quick feedback, but please consider the great amount of messages we receive might sometimes generate delays.

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