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Calligraphy Practice Pads

We developed practice pads to help you learn easily. Instructions are provided, together with special grids, traceable letters and space to practice.


Digital Worksheets

“Right Now” is what you want? Just one click and you have your digital sheets downloaded and start practicing!


Flourish? Yes, please!

Grab your Flourishing Workbook and learn to flourish gladly! Traceable flourishes, instructions, principles, warm-up exercises and directional arrows for you to easily enhance your script and develop muscle memory. This is a great resource to make your flourishing process a rewarding and satisfactory stage, instead of an overwhelming effort!

So, are you ready to take your calligraphy to the next level?


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When it comes to weddings, stationery is so important in transmiting the first impression of how your event is going to be and it has to be so closely representative for the grooms. We love mixing textures, layers and colors for your special day stationery. We have prepared a semi-custom collection for you to choose the model that best fits your event theme. You can change colors, fonts, you are free to add or remove embellishments, so don’t hesitate to find out more. If still in doubt, we offer custom design for your stationery, so let’s have a talk!



Hi! I am Amalia, chief calligrapher at Amalia Calligraphy and Design.I am so happy you found us! Welcome! I have to admit I have always loved writing, but my pointed-pen calligraphy journey started in early 2015. Ever since, I had the chance to grow and specialize in Copperplate Calligraphy and Modern Calligraphy. I had the great honor to teach and guide hundreds of students in their calligraphy adventure. I have developed calligraphy supplies and working materials to help beginners get started and calligraphers enhance their style. I belive time is a precious resourse, that is why one-stop-shop seemed a great option for our customers and students. You can start your calligraphy right away, as we offer support through our online course and we shipp worldwide calligraphy supplies. Because creativity has no limits and because we are always looking for new ways of including calligraphy in our daily projects, we are so happy to work wedding stationery for our clients. Digital print and calligraphy items go together just lovely! Custom or semi-custom is up to you! In fact we started our studio with wedding invitations, and soon after grew our activity by including the educational area. We do belive that any time is proper for learning something new and since creativity is a boundryless area, why not learn this beautiful art form? Feel free to ask questions at hello@amaliacalligraphy.com. Hope to hear from you soon :)