An 85-paged A4 workbook of high quality 120 gsm paper for you to start and develop your calligraphy flourishing. This flourish workbook covers all you need to know to start flourishing gladly and enhance your script! All you need to know is here: principles, tips & tricks, various types of flourishes, places to flourish, best practice advices, creating flourishes step by step, over 180 traceable flourishing models for lowercase, uppercase letters and numbers, directional arrows to help you trace your flourishes easily and develop muscle memory, a traceable complete alphabet for you to practice, warm up exercises. So now flourishing does not have to be overwhelming anymore, as this guide helps you learn and practice them seamlessly.

This flourish guide is suitable for an intermediate level in calligraphy. It’s advisable to have few months of experience in working with a pointed nib. We highly recommend following this flourishing workbook after achieving the entire alphabet and numbers. Since this guide is created for intermediates, no basic instructions are provided on tools and materials, setting up, basic strokes or letter construction. All shapes and letters were first done manually in calligraphy and vectored afterwards, for a clear and clean outline and to be easily traced.  This workbook uses examples from Copperplate Calligraphy, but all rules and examples can be used for your Spencerian or Modern calligraphy.

This Workbook includes:

  • 85+ pages for creating and improving your flourishing
  • 180+ flourishing models
  • Flourishes for Lowercase Letters, Uppercase Letters and Numbers
  • Special grids for you to practice upon, together with traceable shapes and flourished letters to develop muscle memory and train your hand with the required movements
  • Principles for creating harmonious flourishes and Instructions on places to flourish and best practices
  • Tips & Tricks for you to develop beautiful embellishments for your script
  • Directional Arrows for flourish construction
  • Extra Guide sheets for your practice

Hope you find the joy of relaxing and getting creative with calligraphy!


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