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The easiest way of learning calligraphy at your pace! All resources at just one click away so that you get all the basics for your calligraphy practice! Our online program is as close to an in-person class as it can be, so get your seat! Instructions, demonstrations, worksheets, tips & tricks, support and lifetime access – all for you to start confidently your calligraphy adventure and get all fundamentals.

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Choose your favorite Calligraphy Kit

Our Calligraphy Kit is customizable, so you pick your favorite pen holder and ink to color up your projects! This kit provides all you need to get started in calligraphy or perfect your letters: pen holder, nibs, inks, our lowercase and uppercase practice pads. All beautifully packed so you can gift it to yourself or someone dear!

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Try our best-selling Practice Pads!

You are brand new to calligraphy and you want to start on your own? Or are you a skilled calligrapher but are striving to enhance your script? We have developed Calligraphy Practice Pads to guide you through the entire Copperplate alphabet and help you get beautiful letters. These pads include traceable letters, special grids, instructions and smooth paper- all for you to practice and perfect!

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Can’t wait to get started?

Get the instant downloadable worksheets and start your practice right away! 45 pages with instructions, exemplar page, traceable basic shapes and letterforms! Available for Lowercase, Uppercase, Numbers & Symbols.

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Want to flourish?

We are happy to help you learn how to enhance your script and embellish your letters! And it’s never been easier before! Find out how and where to flourish from the instructions and principles provided! We have prepared for you over 180 flourishing examples (lowercase, uppercase & numbers) and traceable shapes for them, so that you can develop muscle memory. A comprehensive 85 pages Workbook for a complete and structured study & practice. This guide makes flourishing a pleasant learning experience, as everything is showcased step by step! Available both in physical and digital version! Pick yours and start flourishing gladly!

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Want to use handpicked calligraphy supplies?

 Carefully curated, tested and some developed in house, all tools and materials are suitable for your daily practice. Make your selection!

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We are more than glad to guide your steps in calligraphy in our in-person courses and workshops we host in Romania. Get in touch to find out more and save your seat!