One of the basic tools for calligraphy is the pen holder. Straight, oblique or dual it holds the nib for you to do your magic with ink!  If a fancy pen holder is what you are looking for, take a look at the gorgeous colored dual pen holders, that have a space inside to store the nibs! You can buy more colors to mix and match your own favorite pen holder!

There are no instructions for using the pen holder. If you are not yet familiar with tools used for pointed pen calligraphy, we recommend our Calligraphy Kit (suitable for beginners, that has a set of instructions for you to get started) or the Online Course (where you learn all about tools, posture, position, letters construction, connecting, spacing and much more). 

Nib is not included.

All pen holders have a nib holding mechanism. For the straight pen holders, you can find ring groove mechanism or ferrule mechanism to hold the nib. A straight penholder is suitable both for right handed calligraphers and lefties as well.

Some oblique pen holders available are dual, so you can use them like this, or you can remove the flange and use them as straight pen holders. Usual recommended obliques for lefties are the ones with the flange on the right side. Still, the dual obliques can be used by lefties if adjusting the paper position or if using as straight pen holder.


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