Color up your calligraphy with our opaque and mate finish inks, made in house. Inks come as shown, premixed and ready to use. The ink’s consistency is a little thicker than any other fluid inks, so if you need to dilute it, please use water added drop by drop, to avoid thinning it too much. Make sure to shake it before using and mix it with a brush for homogeneous consistency. Inks are suitable for calligraphy and painting and were tested on various papers.

Click the drop-down list to choose your favorite color and navigate through pictures to see how the ink looks on dark and light paper.


Note:  If writing too fast with denser inks, the liquid won’t get the chance to flow and let you form your strokes. If diluting it too much, the ink may get a little translucent and if it’s too fluid, when pressing too hard on the nib, blobs of ink may drop.

Shipping calculated at check out. Amalia Calligraphy is not responsible for damaged, lost or delayed shipments. Customs/duties/taxes may be charged to customers at the discretion of the border officials, and this is beyond Amalia Calligraphy control.