Deluxe Calligraphy Kit

Deluxe Calligraphy Kit

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Our bestselling calligraphy kits gather supplies carefully curated for a great calligraphy experience. This kit provides all materials you need to get started in pointed pen calligraphy and then enhance your script with learning the flourishing process. Instructions are provided for you to set-up and practice gladly. Suitable both for beginners looking for a complete set to develop an elegant style and intermediates who wish for high quality articles.

The unique feature of our calligraphy kit is that it is customizable. You can choose the pen holder you prefer and the ink you like.

The Deluxe Calligraphy Kit includes:

  • Copperplate Calligraphy Practice Pads – Lowercase+Uppercase
  • Flourishing Workbook
  • Blank Grids Calligraphy Practice Pad
  • 1 pen holder at your choice
  • 4 nibs
  • 3 inks – 1 black ink, 2 at your choice
  • 1 handmade pottery pen rest
  • 1 leather handmade Pencil Case
  • 1 metal box for holding your nibs


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