Copperplate Lowercase + Uppercase Letters Set Bundle

Set of 2 50-paged A4 notebooks of high quality 120 gsm paper for you to start and develop your Copperplate Calligraphy. These practice pads cover the basic tools you need for calligraphy practice, setting up, basic strokes, instructions for letter construction, traceable shapes and letter forms, instructional arrows, lowercase and uppercase alphabet exemplar and extra pages with grids for you to exercise. The Lowercase Practice Pad features also instructions, principles and exercises for connecting and spacing your lowercase letters. The Uppercase Practice Pad includes also numbers and symbols, for a complete portfolio for your script.  All shapes and letters were first done manually in calligraphy and vectored afterward, for a clear and clean outline and to be easily traced in order for you to develop muscle memory. This pad is suitable both for beginners and intermediate calligraphers who want to enhance their script. You can work on them with pointed nib or fountain pen and it can also be used by children.


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