We are here to offer our support and share our experience in calligraphy. That is why we have developed products and we provide handpicked tools to fit both beginners and experienced calligraphers. We aim to help beginners get a smooth, pleasant and rewarding calligraphy journey, so we gathered best supplies and learning materials. If you are an absolute beginner we highly recommend taking the Learn Copperplate Online Course, which sets up all the basics for your calligraphy and helps you understand the geometry of letters, the fundamental principles and techniques so that you can easily evolve. We suggest you take the version that includes support and feedback. Alongside the course you will need the tools to get started and we highly recommend our customisable Calligraphy Kits, that contain it all – from Practice Pads, to nibs, ink, penholder, penholder rest and more. Of course if you desire individual feedback, you can purchase a VIP Online Session for you to clear out all aspects regarding calligraphy, tips & tricks, techniques and other practice issues.